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Transfer Services


When we digitize (convert) films or tapes, we can create two different types of final products - DVDs or MP4 video files.  MP4 files are the current standard for digital video files.  We provide you a digital download link with every conversion that is good for 30 days.

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We can also create DVDs from films and tapes. They can be played on any computer with a DVD drive, any DVD player or gaming system. Up to 2 hours per DVD. $5 per DVD. Additional copies of the DVD are also at $5


All of your films and tapes will fit onto one USB drive - each reel of film or each tape  creates an individual video file.  You can watch them on any computer, tablet or most TVs. To play back on a TV, you would plug the USB drive into the port on the back or side of the TV. $20 per USB drive.

We can also create both the digital files and DVDs at the same time.  This is often convenient for families with older and younger generations and different viewing styles.

Most people don't realize that videotape begins to degrade in as little as ten years.

"Took about 25 (1990-2002) vhs tapes here to get converted to digital, based on the reviews. Wow - fantastic, professional, highly recommend them!!! Couldn’t be any happier with their work. They got everything off the tapes, great transitioning/editing and so happy our family got to see the old videos! Straight forward with price and communications. Give them a call or email like I did."


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