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We can transfer your 8mm & Super 8 films, video tapes, 35mm slides and more. We believe every film, slide and tape is a delicate memory, so all of our transfers are done in house. We take the utmost care to preserve your memories, so they can last for generations to come.


8mm & Super 8 Film Transfers

Our film scanning is frame by frame, which means no flicker in your transfer.  Can be placed on DVD, thumbdrive or digital download

Pricing: 3" reel = $9.50; 4" reel = $19.00; 5" reel = $38.00; 6" reel = $57.00; 7" reel = $76.00



Videotape Transfers

Two hours of video will typically fit on one DVD at the best quality.  Also able to be placed on thumbdrive or digital download.  Most people don't realize that videotape begins to degrade in as little as ten years.


Formats We Accept: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm video, Hi8, Digital 8, DVD, Mini DV, SVHS

Pricing: $19.95 per two hours, with no additional fee for tape changes (within reason)



35mm Slide and Photo Transfers

We can transfer your 35mm slides to digital.  They can be placed on thumbdrive or digital download.  

Pricing: $0.30 per slide

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