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Now You Can Stream from Everywhere!

Technology has been expanding for years to allow people the opportunity to do things that previous generations could have only dreamt of. Covid-19 has caused many industries to have to expand with technology at a faster rate than normal. One of the areas of technology to expand rapidly is LIVE STREAMING. Yes, live streaming can come in many different styles, but we are referring to live streaming of events that otherwise would have had a large sum of people attending. Such events as high school sports, dance recitals, weddings and even funerals.

During Covid-19 we have streamed numerous events and have received a great response from viewers. One dance recital had 6,000 viewers watching during an all day event from 45 states to 5 countries. Another soccer game had over 60 family and friends cheering on their favorite athlete. A simple indoor wedding had 30 guests from out-of-state watching two people join in marriage. Grandparents love being able to watch their grandchildren from hundreds of miles away play sports, dance or get married. And we don't think this will end when Covid-19 is gone. The opportunity for parents to be involved in the lives of their family from several states away on business or grandparents who live in other locations to still have a connection with grandchildren will likely continue. And we look forward to being able to capture those moments on camera and stream them from anywhere the event occurs.

Hoffer's Video Productions has been investing in quality gear that allows for exceptional HD video online. Using compact gear allows for us to setup easily in most locations to provide a single camera or multiple camera production. Using the LiveU Solo, we can provide a bonded internet solution that is second to none. What does that mean? The LiveU Solo allows us to provide an internet connection virtually anyway that has cellular service. With multiple cellular connections, along with available wifi or ethernet, the LiveU Solo bonds those connections together to create a reliable internet feed that assures the upmost quality and confidence of a successful live stream.

Why should you hire a professional? Sure, you could facebook live your event from your iphone, but unexpected issues can occur that will leave your viewers hanging. (Such as a dead phone battery) A professional video production company has planned for multiple scenarios and can respond quickly to those situations. They also have done numerous productions and understand how different platforms work and what the best solution to increase the odds that your live stream runs smoothly without any hiccups. Professionals also know how to capture the shots that make your live stream shine to your audience and keep your viewers talking long after the event is over. As one of our clients stated "The camera work was professional grade and very well done utilizing multi-camera images, zooming and panning to capture the character of our event. Many in our family who watched remotely, some of whom were far away in Belgium, told us how much they appreciated the camera work which allowed them to see not only the setting for the wedding but also the expressions on the faces of the bride and groom as they married."

We can assure you that family and friends will awe over your outdoor wedding, cheer with you when you score a goal, or morn with you at a loved one's funeral even if they can't be there in person. Live streaming has opened a whole new world of possibilities and we are along for the ride.

If you own a business or organization that is considering live streaming as an option, or an individual getting married or planning a funeral, please call our office at (724) 679-2955

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