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Why video for social media

Social media is constantly changing, however, one constant is that video used within a social media campaign always draws more attention.

Think about it...most people would rather watch a video than read text. In fact, people would even prefer to watch a video with text subtitles then just read a paragraph of text. Social media giants know that and have created the platforms so they thrive with the use of video. More attention to your posts will mean much more exposure for your brand.

Live video content is even moved up in your feed so you see those items first. So if you were a business and were trying to reach people with social media, a great starting point would be to do some simple live videos straight to your social media platform. Introduce yourself to your audience. Tell your followers what you do, how you do it and why they should come to you directly. With a live video, or even a pre-recorded one, you add a personal touch when they can see and hear you directly.

Why should you hire a professional to create your videos?

That is pretty simple. EXPERIENCE. A professional video company will understand well what elements are needed in a video to be most effective. Adding in quality camera-work, microphones, graphics and music and you will most definitely shine above all the rest. There are definitely reasons to hire a professional if you really want to put a clear message out there and show people how serious you are as a business. Putting the right foot forward will draw more attention and you'll receive more business.

Receiving positive comments about your videos and the quality of work you do sets a standard for what people will expect from your business. Plus, if a business is busy focusing on their business, they will need a video company that can focus on their videos. Professional video companies also know best how to upload your videos so they look their best on different social media platforms.

If you are interested in talking, we would be glad to help you create a quality video or series of videos for your business to use on social media. To visit some of our samples, click here:

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